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Political Action Committee (PAC) and Congressional Candidate Compliance and Accounting

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

We secure effective back-office operations, which allow our clients to focus on progressing their mission and/or winning their federal campaign. As a Political Organization or Candidate and Public official, you rely on specific knowledge, demonstrated skill and proven performance of your compliance team.

That is why Specialized firms, such as Administrative Business Services are a necessity for your accounting, compliance and reporting during each election cycle.

Administrative Business Services has extensive experience serving political organizations, whether it be Political Action Committees or Candidates running for Federal office.

• Accounting services - caging contributions, disbursements, financial statements, budget

assistance and internal control implementation

• Thorough understanding and compliance of Ethics Commission and the Federal Election

Commission; along with required filings and consultation on laws, regulations and advisory


• Limitation compliance testing for contributions and correspondence to contributors for excess contributions

• Consulting on entity selection, federal and state registrations, accounting systems, special

procedures to analyze prior reports and statistical data on contributors

• Campaign audits - In addition, Administrative Business Services has legal professionals on contract that are ready to guide your campaign every step of the way.

Non-Profit Accounting

and Compliance

Tax-exempt organizations have distinctive administrative and business needs not commonly

shared by other business structures. DeVeria Flowers, Owner of Administrative Business

Services is a trusted business advisor to exempt organizations, assisting them on a variety of financial, strategic and administrative issues. In-depth knowledge of Non-Profit structures,

compliance, and adherence play a principal role in the success of your non-profit. This, combined with an understanding of each client's mission and purpose, is the benchmark for Administrative Business Services.

Administrative Business Services will perform all of your accounts receivable and payable functions for your business. This includes client billing and recording of all incoming revenue; as well as vendor invoicing, payroll, and preparation of end of the year W2, 1099 and 1096 tax forms Financials are available on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

We offer ongoing consultations regarding software in order to stay consistent and up to date.

We also make sure you have a proper facilitation of company policies, procedures, and compliance to maintain a properly structured business model

in accordance to IRS guidelines.

Book your Consultation on and let’s get you set up for your political WIN!

You can also download our brochure

2021 ABS brochure (1)
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